Reflections from the future in Malaysia

Reflections from the future in Malaysia

1- O’right, here you can see there’s money, much more than in the neighboring countries. Kuala Lumpur is super modern, a lot of Chinese-Malay (around 40% of the population), Indians and people from other places, but the Malay control the politics and pass discriminatory laws. Is not easy to be a Chinese-Malay if you’re stopped by the traffic police, for example.

2- Tionman is so nice, a beautiful island down there in the east, with monkeys and giant bats, and awesome beaches, of course. It’s still the Coral Triangle, one of the zones with more biodiversity in the world.

3- As it’s richer, is more expensive, I wanna go back to the Indonesian rupiahs!

4- It’s crazy to see so many cultures mixed together, in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The male-chauvinist Muslim ninjas are mixed with the very-sexist-I-get-married-by-buying-a-little-girl Hinduists and with the more easy-going Malay and the cool Chinese. We eat junk all together in the street, crazy food, cheap, fried but tasty. I’m devouring all the tofu and noodles I can.

5- And Ramadan is over, a Muslim month of not-shagging and eating only by night (they can’t even drink water during the day, nor smoking nor put anything through their orifices, as a Couchsurfing host told us in KL). Another host in Indonesia told us “I don’t fast, I already experienced how is it like to be poor when I was a kid”. Some Iranians that hosted us in Malaysia told us that they don’t fast, basically because they don’t give a damn, but they’re still Muslims. According to us, by this time all the Muslims are shagging, choking on food, drinks and cigarettes, or both things at the same time (if I were them I would be doing the same). Anyway, like in every religion, there’s a lot of hypocrisy, acting out of habit, nonsense or saying one thing and doing the opposite just to comply with society.

6- It’s so beautiful to see so many inter-ethnic couples, lots of white guys with Asian girls, or vice-versa, long life to the mixed-races and the Asian girls (some of them are just incredible)!

And we’re already in the east of Thailand, going soon to the Di Caprio beach to see if there’s any weed plantations, and in the monsoon season (the rain’s gonna beat the shit out of us, that’s why they named it after the boxer, Monzón). We moved from ringitts to bahts, from the standard alphabet to some unreadable letters and from the Muslim hypocrisy to the Buddhist one. Come on! Punch me monsoon!


Originally written on July 19th, 2015, in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.



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