Reflections from the future in New Zealand

Reflections from the future in New Zealand (except for those who live here and think “what an asshole”), because here is Thursday already.

In the future:

1- The cisterns have one button for flushing all the tank and another one for flushing half the tank, so you can save water.

2- Smoking kills, but by starvation, because a pack of cigarettes costs around 18 US dollars, and a pack of rolling tobacco, 30 USD. Because of this and other reasons, I quit smoking again.

3- We, the Latin Americans, are slaves of the Indians, who are slaves of the local white guys, who at the same time are slaves of the English white men.

4- Being awake at 00:30 is an unthinkable madness because everybody goes to bed at 22.00 (on Saturdays they’re naughty and go to bed at 01.30, all the clubs close at that time), so I better go to bed before the police comes or something.


1- Working at the kiwifruit pack-houses from the future, slowly eats your hands, your back and your mind, the people there are insane, almost one-armed, but is beautiful, very nice people all of them: the kiwis (that’s how the New Zealanders call themselves), Maoris, Indians, Czechs, English, Tongans, Fijians, Latin Americans…

2- Considering that here, in the future, the government is planning to ban tobacco for 2025 (first country to have such an idea), I quit smoking for good, I’m doing 4 days and I’m taking it naturally (last time I said I quit, I did so for one day only, my bad).

3- I met a gorgeous kiwi girl that can get me the citizenship if I marry her (nah, actually I don’t wanna get married nor stay here, but this girl drives my crazy).

4- There’s a local dessert that is called almost like me (Pavlova), because of that some Tongan women laughed at my face when I said what my name was… Another woman calls me buffalo (sounds similar to Pablo according to her), another one calls me Pablo Escobar… But all of them pronounce my name in a very weird way, for not saying a s***ty way.

5- I miss our music, Montevideo, the countryside, the coast… My parents, my brother and friends, the guys, I miss huging and kissing all the time and toasting on anything… People here are more quiet and less expressive, but they are still warm and I have also Latin American friends to kiss and touch. And lucky me that I’m far from the “pinkies” (Uruguay’s traditional parties) political campaigns, which I haven’t seen but I heard they’re awful. Cheers my friendssssss, I send you an intercontinental hug. 


1- When you’re far away from home, every interpersonal relation is stronger and more necessary, we cling to everything; an acquaintance becomes a friend, a friend is a brother, an affair feels like a girlfriend and a girlfriend is like the love of your life, more or less. It’s weird, different, I see it in other travelers as well. We are a multicultural family.

2- Those used to the mountains like the sea, for me that we don’t even have half a mountain in Uruguay, high altitudes blow my mind. Of course, I still love the ocean. Our beaches are much better anyway.

3- Either the immensity of the sea with all its uncontrollable energy, the huge mountains, or the look of a city from the heights, we all are attracted by the big landscapes. The immensity makes us feel small, makes us think that we are nothing, a part of a vast “all”. The “self” vanishes, the enormity goes through us, we stop thinking about petty things and become simply present, looking at our own immensity through the scenery. Nature, the animals, also connect ourselves to other planes. We are nothing, but we are everything.

4- I thought about translating this post to my English-speaking friends, that are more and more every day, but I’m a lazy Latin American asshole, I’m sorry, you can use the translator anyway haha. (I finally did it :)). 

5- In the future sometime one becomes like this, I try to put something funny but I just can’t. Big hug to everybody, specially to my family and friends, I miss you and love you always.


1- In the future there’s no mosquitoes. Buttttt there are some disgusting little things that bite the same or worse than mosquitoes and are called sandflies, and they’re abundant when there’s no wind and you’re close to the water.

2- Here we are in the 45 south parallel, half way between the Equator line and the South Pole. The sun burns really bad because the ozone layer is very thin and the day goes from 5 AM to 22! And this is just the beginning.

3- And 45South it’s the name of the company for which I will work from Sunday on, grading cherries.  I’m gonna save some to put’em in the fridge so Jennifer Lopez comes to my house.


*All these posts were written in New Zealand in 2014.





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